Monday, February 28, 2011


hari ni macam biasa..pergi office dengan housemate..

semalam risau dan sedih dengan hal lain..tapi malas nak ambik port sangat...layankan aje..

tapi bila dah sampai office, still rasa macam biasa lagi..sebab tak ramai lagi kat office masa tu..

then after few minutes, ada satu mail masuk. "your team lead and teammate on MC today"

then, lagi sorang member pon MC gak arini..

bertambah-tambah la sunyi office ni..

and also, make the group chat "empty"..huhu

then before lunch hour, pi la duk menempel kat my jiran punya cubicle.. was trying to understand his projectS..learn the background and progress and problems and ISSUES..

damn..his projectS boleh mematikan mood untuk bekerja..haha

wondering how he could happily survive with all the shitS everyday..hmmm

alex. alex ni seat dia kat sebelah my jiran punya cubicle..

dia last day hari ni.. everyone is leaving..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

dont know why.. i feel so strange when he really no more in our department..

back from the lunch with 4 frens plus one weird guy..hihi..u-know-who

i feel so empty when he was no longer in his cubicle.. this hour, (after lunch), can clearly hear his voice..was talking to the application team..solving some some guide and advice to the annoying guyS(the app team)haha

but when i do not see him around, i feel so empty..feel like i have lost one 'abang' who was never get bored to guide all his siblings.*actually ramai lagi adik2 dia yang rasa kehilangan camni..

who else i gonna ask if i got issues to settle..yeah..i know..ramai lagi bole tanya..tapi yang lain2 garang macam singa..ops..bukan garang..tapi most of the seniors..i can feel that they feel annoying with my freak questions..

*yang kau tanya soalan budak tadika tu apehal.. nak wat camner..dah my level of understanding xcapai lagi tahap super programmer yang sepatutnya ada kat sini.. so haruslah banyak soalan pelik2 yang aku nak tanya..itu xreti la..ini xreti la..macam2 lagi xreti.. kalau ada alex, best sikit..dia layan jer suma soalan2 aku..tanya sepuloh kali soalan yang sama pon dia still layan jugak..dia still ajar and guide dengan penuh sabar..emmm..

and..then at around 3pm, got meeting pula dengan our manager..

he was telling the shocking news! OMG! i feel like wanna leave also..following the 'abang'..

why things happens so sudden? gimme a break man! i still not in the mood of losing one abang,

then came another news telling that we are going to get separated..

at the moment, i dont know how to feel..

honestly, i just feel like the orphans who has been living together for years...then suddenly have to get sad lei.. :(

suddenly i miss all the best moments..our moments together..

how dare THEY kill all those! i myself not sure who are they axactly..

THEY are just so CRUEL to do this to US!

we have been like a family here..*woit! ni tempat keje la..bukan tempat nak build famili..ade aku kesah?janji aku ada feel nak buat keje!

altogether..laughing together..story-mory..sharing-maring..OMG!

everything seems fading and i dont know what else going to happen after this..

i just hope that ALL of US will get stronger to face the un-seen FUTURE..

*ceh, macam sadis giler..tapi serious shit, i'm soooo SAD right now..

at this moment, as i was typing this entry,

i was looking forward for the outing.. to get together-gether..

going to Genting! ***start imagine the happiness up there.......

tak tau ape kene mengena gambar ni dengan entry ni