Sunday, January 23, 2011

when u cant sleep!

dont know why..
i cannot sleep tonight..
i can..but not yet until now..
there are too many things running in my head right now..
until i get to top up my celcom number and text sum1..
since the other sum1 seems..haish..
dont know how to say!
nothing ever transparent between us!

i really dont understand what is going on between us!
going on or going off?
is it wrong if i just wanted to share something in my daily life?
is it very wrong if i wanted to know what is going on in your life?
what ever la..
sometimes i feel like i becoming more like you.. - plain, insensitive & cruel! -

actually, today i wanted to share that i went to sunway..
to attend this one "seminar"..with one of my friend..
but you seemed not paying any attention at all to my little story..
its ok..
i can just share it here..

a part of sunway lagoon view from sunway pyramid

will there be any possibility for me to sit here with you?
my heart keep telling - NEVER EVEN HAPPEN!

me watching the pizza girls n guys was doing the promotion..nyum2..

current mode : really not in mood..
dont know what to say..
feel guilty towards my friends..*something unexplained
feel so sad when thinking about "awak"..

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