Tuesday, July 29, 2008

da TeaRs oF MinE..iTs NOT foR FuN..

what u gonna do if sum1 ask u to cry out all of a sudden..??
what u gonna do if sum1 ask u to be sad,
in fact,
deep inside your heart,
u are extremely sad and trying to go againts ur own feeling..??

will u cry out..??
will u show ur tears in front of others..??
even it was the reality that u r facing at the moment..??

if u ask me,
then the answer is absolutely NO!!

org susah payah wat terapi nk hepi2,
xnk dah igt bende2 sedih,
die senang2 jer nk suro org nangis...
no way!!

do u think my tears is a game medium..??

ner bley camtu kan...
the tears of mine...
its not for fun lor....

even kalo ader org offer USDxxxK skali pun,
i will not cry in front of public lor...
never ever!!


ijam said...

owh.. sorry. Len kali suh tersengeh je memanjang.. mesti bole kan.. hehe
* i'm so sorry, at that moment, i didn't realize it.. *
i won't ask u to cry again, never!!

ayumi said...

dier bace rupenyer..
bkn sengaje pun kan..(^_^)