Monday, October 19, 2009

kenape x tdo lg ni...?? nape x tido lg ni...???
kat ym wat status "my soul at peace"..
tp btul ker "at peace"???
only GOD knows...
do i still thinkin' about you???
can't u just leave...???
stay away from me!!!!!

i thought i'm strong enough rite now...
but i just realized that it happens the other way...
how can i forget you..???
why do i still reminded of you..???
why are you sooo "something" to me..???
i really hate diz feeling..
hate it very much!!!

i just sit for my AI test diz morning...
i think i did it quite well...
just to compared to my other tests all diz time during my degree..=)
i even ask my bro to pray for me...
and he said he could always pray for the best for me..
as long as i do my study very well too..=)
plus, one of my fren also promised to get me what i wanted if i managed to get the highest mark for this test..
even i aware that's not quite possible..
but..i dare to take his challenge..
even i really REALIZE that he was not seriously SERIOUS in challenging me..:-p
well..just wait for the result to come out..

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