Monday, September 8, 2008

everything..i like to remain this way..(^_^)

skrg ni..suma nyer dah berubah..
even xbyk yg berubah sbnarnyer..
tp kt rase selesa with all that happen around me..(^_^)
bukan ler rase seronok...
just cmfortable..
coz i started to get used with all this new status..
status ape lak ni..??
married ker..hehhe
ish3..merepek ape lak ni..
xde ape sbnarnyer..
it just i started to be brave to face all the possibilities...
kan best kalo keadaan bleh trus remain like this...(^_^)

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mohdlirhahs said...

Hi Ayumi..

I read your post..some word i cant understand. Could you please not to use short form and learn how to be a good blogger.

We blog because we want people read what we have been through in our life. So please change your writing style and be a good blogger.

From your friend!